Tarcisius: The Rise of the Dark Age

  1. The Dawn Over the Ruins 3:14
  2. The Curse's Cradle 4:15
  3. Life on the Run 2:19
  4. No Hope 4:03
  5. The Great Escape 2:46
  6. The Dark Magician is Coming 2:09
  7. The Dark Madrigal 2:57
  8. Bones in the Sand 3:36
  9. Living in Darkness 5:46
  10. The Haunted Knight 4:12
  11. When the Sun Was Setting Forever 3:14

Music composed by Marco Giaccaria (SIAE) and performed by Tarcisius.
Artwork and layout by Mattia Marino.
Cover: painting by Francisco Goya (detail).
Produced by Marco Giaccaria and Musica Mancina for Frozen Woods Records.
Distributed by Frozen Woods Records.

2024 – Musica Mancina – MGCD106

This third work from Tarcisius is a perfect mix of Dungeon Synth and Dark Fantasy atmospheres.

The Story of the Rise of the Dark Age:
Many centuries ago the people on the planet Gaius lived in peace, but some of them decided to worship the Lords of Darkness because they were dissatisfied with their lives. Thus on the horizon loomed the arrival of the Dark Knights, who wanted to rule everything with the imposition of Darkness, raiding, subjugating and destroying the nations and peoples they encountered during their conquests.
They put a curse on all newborns so that they would be born blind.
They allowed the sun to rise only once before setting forever.
People tried to escape, but there were no more places without darkness.
Thus it was that the planet Gaius became dark and dead forever... they didn't have a planet B.

(versione italiana originale)

Molti secoli fa le genti sul pianeta Gaius vivevano in pace, ma alcuni di loro decisero di adorare i Signori delle Tenebre perché insoddisfatti della loro vita.
All'orizzonte si profilò così l'arrivo dei Cavalieri Oscuri, che volevano comandare tutto con l'imposizione delle Tenebre, razziando, soggiogando e distruggendo le nazioni e i popoli che incontrarono durante la loro conquista.
Lanciarono una maledizione su tutti i nuovi nati, così che essi nascessero ciechi.
Permisero al sole di sorgere solo più una volta, prima di tramontare per sempre.
Le persone provarono a fuggire, ma non c'erano più luoghi senza le tenebre.
Fu così che il pianeta Gaius divenne buio e morto per sempre… non avevano un planet B.

[releases April 4, 2024]

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