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Listen to some music from our catalogue:

Marco Giaccaria: Folkestralia (1986)

 Opus [1:36]
(Marco Giaccaria, flute - Jorge Roberto Roberto, violin - Saeed Etezadi, darbukah)

 Trinkwasser's Rag [1:17]
(Marco Gaccaria, flute & drums - Roberto Bevilacqua, double bass)

 Moj Dragane [1:46]
(Marco Giaccaria, violin & bouzouki - Saeed Etezadi, darbukah)

Claudio Lodati & Marco Giaccaria: Lupi (2003)

 2 [1:03]
(Marco Giaccaria, transcribed improvisation on PC - Claudio Lodati: electric guitar)

 3 [1:03]
(Marco Giaccaria, fractal composition - Claudio Lodati: two electric guitars)

 14 [3:10]
(Marco Giaccaria, loops sequencing, transcr. improvisation - Claudio Lodati: electric guitar)

Marco Giaccaria: Solo un flauto, ma non solo. (2012)

 Ondo I

 Ondo V

 Kelo I - Sharadhun

 Ondo VIII

 Ondo XI - Sharadhun

Elisa Chiaraviglio: musica per organo (2005)

 J. S. Bach: corale ornato

 W. A. Mozart - Ave verum Corpus

 G. F. Handel - Largo dall'opera Serse






Musicians involved in Musica Mancina:

Marco Giaccaria - official web site

Andreina Polo - official web site

Claudio Lodati - official web site

Massimiliano Peretti - official web site

Ciarán Ward and Éire Nua - official web site

Eugenio Mirti - official web site

Elisa Chiaraviglio - official web site

Paola Dipietromaria - official web site

Other links: - In 2006 the New York Times ran an article about that was titled "The Greatest Web Site Of All Time" (October 15, 2006, Arts & Leisure section page 26). - interactivities.

Our History


The first production is Folkestralia by Marco Giaccaria (both on vinyl and K7-audiotape); some musicians on this album will record for Musica Mancina through the years.


The first CD is published; the K7-audiotapes will survive until the 1998.


original logo by Frank Priola
This is the original logo created in 1993 by Frank Priola. Thank you Frank!


Many interesting albums were published: a wide variety of genres is the main mark of our little label.


Begin the distributions with (now closed!) as free download (torrent files) and from the CDbaby's web site.