Marco Giaccaria:
Six Solos for Strings

Musica Mantecata, volume 3

Marco Giaccaria - Six solos for Strings - cover

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featuring: Damir Nefat - Sergio Pugnalin - Marco Giaccaria - Enrico Fazio - Paolo Avanzo - Claudio Lodati

The third volume of Musica Mantecata is a collection of electronic grooves with six total improvised solos by six musicians who come from different music styles: Damir Nefat on electric guitar had played a powerful noise metal solo, Sergio Pugnalin on oud had played a taksim, Marco Giaccaria on electric violin had played a modal solo, Enrico Fazio on double bass had played a free form of contemporary jazz solo, Paolo Avanzo on sitar and harmonic chant had played/singed an Hindustani classical raga, while Claudio Lodati on electric guitar had played an improvised jazz solo.
This project started in 2004: Marco Giaccaria had worked 6 years on it (he composed and recorded the music on PC, together some fractals, electronic devices, sampled percussions...).

  • 01. preludio 0:19
  • 02. DAMIR NEFAT 7:50
  • 03. SERGIO PUGNALIN 7:44
  • 04. interludio 2:43
  • 05. MARCO GIACCARIA 9:34
  • 06. wha'? 2:34
  • 07. ENRICO FAZIO 9:53
  • 08. PAOLO AVANZO 16:33
  • 09. intermission 1:10
  • 10. CLAUDIO LODATI 7:36
  • 11. postludio 0:53
[total time 66:49]

Fractals and electronic music composed, recorded and mixed by Marco Giaccaria
(between 2004 and 2010).

Improvised by:
DAMIR NEFAT - electric guitar
MARCO GIACCARIA - electric violin
ENRICO FAZIO - double bass
PAOLO AVANZO - sitar and harmonic chant
CLAUDIO LODATI - electric guitar

Cover by L'Indomito.

Produced by Marco Giaccaria for Musica Mancina, 2010 - MGCD55.