Marco Giaccaria: Nomad
(single version)

  • 01. Nomad 3:52

All music composed, performed, arranged, recorded, mixed and edited by Marco Giaccaria (no improvisation... this time!). Instruments: 3 recorders (soprano, alto and tenor); 2 flutes; violin and electric violin; mandola and bouzouki; lead and rythm electric guitars; 2 sampled electric basses; FM synthesizer; sampled percussion and drums.
Cover by L'Indomito.
Photos by Marco Giaccaria
Produced by Marco Giaccaria for Musica Mancina, 2013 - MGCD60.

Phase #1: elaboration of the first fractal music (14th of november, 2010).
Phase #2: composition of Nomad, for double sextet with drums and rythm guitar (between february 2011 and april 2012).
Phase #3: elaboration of the second fractal music (21st of june, 2012).
Phase #4: recording of all instrumental parts (november, 2012).
Phase #5: mixing and editing of the final master (between february and june, 2013).
[Addition]: the composition is rewritten as canon in 4 parts, for FM synthesizer (may, 2013).
Phase #6: published on as single (the composition without fractals) and on as EP version (21st of september, 2013).

Nomad is a six-voice poliphonic composition; the acoustic sextet is an octave higher than the electric one: they don't play always together (it's more similar to an Hoquetus).
Anyway, it's an instrumental electronic Rock composition with a modern modal harmony.
The single version is slightly different from the album version.
The complete version consists of an alternance between fragments of composition and fractals, all overlaid on the canon.
I love the final result: it sounds ancient and modern at the same time.

Marco Giaccaria

Digital download available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and many others.